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Status – On Public Display at the Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth, MN – Update 11-15-2015 – this fish, and its mate (GL2) were reported killed by a long time tankmate this month.
Type - Premnas biaculeatus “MW PNG Lightning” F1
Parents - P. biaculeatus “PNG White Stripe” F0 (male) X P. biaculeatus “PNG Lightning” F0 (female)

ID - GL1
Hatch Date - June 29th, 2012

Images - Shot 8/02/201

GL1 – right flank

GL1 – left flank

GL1 – left flank

GL1 – left flank

GL1 – dorsal view

Photographed 8-31-2014



Yes, this might be one of the best Lighting Maroons I reared, and it was among my holdbacks.  Why give away one of the very best to a Public Aquarium?  Simple – since this fish is destined to be backup genetics, I’m not about to just use any old fish.  But more importantly, this is a fish on public display for the world to see.  It MUST be a quality fish. As a captive bred fish on public display, it must be top notch and give the best impression possible of captive bred marine fish.  So yes, this is a fish I really would have liked to keep for myself, and in a way I did.  I can go visit it any time, 15 minutes from my house, in the loving care of dedicated professional aquarists. Win, Win, Win and Win…and maybe another Win.  Yes, everyone wins.


As of 8-2-2013, this fish is off exhibit, in quarantine, sharing a 29 gallon aquarium with the selected sibling mate, the White Stripe PNG Maroon Clownfish GL2 (which is in a breeder net).  The plan is for the Lightning to be turned to the female in the pair, which risks the more “replaceable” white stripe in any mate murder scenarios.

On 8-20-2014, Darin Reinke informed me that the pair had been put on public display in a small reef tank in the main lower level; they replaced a pair of Tomato Clownfish that had been on display for years.

On 9-7-2014, the Duluth News Tribune ran a story about these newest fish on display at the Great Lakes Aquarium.

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