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Status – paired, Duluth, MN
Type - Premnas biaculeatus “MW PNG White Stripe” F1
Parents - P. biaculeatus “PNG White Stripe” F0 (male) X P. biaculeatus “PNG Lightning” F0 (female)

ID - FW2
Hatch Date - June 29th, 2012, Spawn #2

Images - Shot 2/28/2014


FW2 is a White Stripe, more specifically what might be called a “Morse Code” Maroon Clownfish backup I sent offsite with Frank Wotruba; you can read more about it here.  It was sent with FW1, a Lightning sibling, which you can see in several of these photos.

I don’t recall how Frank went about pairing them up, but I do know that they’ve resided in a 75 gallon aquarium connected to his 300 gallon reef for a LONG time now, and they are most certainly paired.  I’ll have to try to get some new photos at some point.

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