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Stumbled across this post last week and figured I’d share it here – Brandon Mehlhoff shared some updates on LM15 and its PNG mate over on Reef2Reef.  I snagged one of his videos showing the pair here:

Go see more over about Brandon’s Lightning Maroon on!

Somewhere along the line I alluded to the fact that there was at least one US-based person involved in the Lightning Maroon auctions who had the foresight to obtain wild PNG Maroon Clownfish from Scott Fellman at Unique Corals with the express intent of  using them as mates for the offspring from this project.  I tried to do the same, but as I’ve shared before, the abrupt loss of exports from EcoAquariums PNG meant that once again, I was thwarted in my own attempts to beef up my base of wild genetics.

A wild (F0) Premnas biaculeatus "PNG White Stripe" Maroon Clownfish purchased through Unique Corals.

A wild (F0) Premnas biaculeatus “PNG White Stripe” Maroon Clownfish purchased through Unique Corals.

That person I alluded to is Brandon Mehlhoff.

Lightning Maroon fans, meet Brandon Mehlhoff.

Lightning Maroon fans, meet Brandon Mehlhoff.

I won’t share all the details, but we sat across the table from each other at the post MBI Workshop dinner this year and the topic of PNG Maroons came up, and the fact that he had one (the fish shown above).  I basically said “name your price”, at which point he revealed who he was and why the fish was not for sale, at any price.  The moment I learned of his intentions, my thought shifted completely from “I gotta get him to part with this fish” to “this guy really needs a Lightning Maroon, as his outcross pairing of a F1 from my breeding to a F0 from PNG, will help start a distinct line and expand the genetic base for the entire captive Lightning Maroon population”.

Lucky for Brandon, he got “the fish” he needed in round 2 of the auctions, the winning bidder of LM15.

Lightning Maroon #15 (LM15) - Brandon's fish.

Lightning Maroon #15 (LM15) – Brandon’s fish.

While most fish were destined to be shipped out, Brandon proved his dedication to the project by requesting that he personally pick up and transport his fish.  Brandon, a North Dakota native and rare clownfish enthusiast (he also maintains Mccullochis among others) made a 24 hour whirlwind trip to personally come to my fishroom.

Of course, it was a great excuse to get some much needed cleanup done (still an ongoing process as I’m setting up more growout for FW in my formerly open space in the middle of the room…I now have two aisle).  Brandon got to see his fish, and all the others firsthand.  Of course, he was able to pay his respects to “Mama Lightning”.

Brandon Mehlhoff did what any good aquarist would do...

Brandon Mehlhoff did what any good aquarist would do…


..asked if he could take photos....

..asked if he could take photos….


...and took lots of them!

…and took lots of them!

I certainly would’ve let Brandon stay all day if he liked, but he still had to drive home and put away some very precious cargo.  Time to bag ‘em up:

Very rare you get to see ME in the photos, here netting LM5 for the journey to Brandon's fishroom.

Very rare you get to see ME in the photos, here netting LM5 for the journey to Brandon’s fishroom.

Bagging up Lightning.

Bagging up Lightning.

After a long drive home and acclimation into the wee hours of the morning, Brandon was very happy to send me a few photographs of LM15 in the new fishroom.  This pairing is going to be an important one owing to the outcrossed genetics.  Depending on who’s interpretation of filials you care to go by, Brandon’s potential offspring are either F1 or F2 (from a more generalized viewpoint, they are F1 in the greater scientific community.  In the aquarium world, they *might* be called F2 by many since one parent is F1).

Either way, an important pair to follow in terms of genetic stability and known provenance for Lightning Maroon Clownfish.

Brandon Mehlhoff's Future F1 Lightning X F0 PNG Maroon pairing

Brandon Mehlhoff’s Future F1 Lightning X F0 PNG Maroon pairing



Teasing and Inventory

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Just a quick note this evening.

First, anyone care to guess what it means when this shows up in Duluth, MN?

Blue Zoo Aquatics Boxes...lots of them...

Blue Zoo Aquatics Boxes…lots of them…

The big news though is some changes to the inventory page of offspring.  In the past couple weeks I’ve added in some of the offspring that I gave away, and I’ll get the other donated pairs in there soon.  I’ll also be adding in my own personal holdbacks soon too; the ultimate goal being a more complete accounting of ALL the offspring.

One fish, a white stripe offspring, WS5, has changed in status and will not be sold at auction because it was hand delivered as a replacement for a fish lost in a brownout before delivery.  My apologies to anyone who had their hearts set on WS5, but there are still many other White Stripes to be offered.

While we’re a white stripe short (and I might need to pull another one from inventory to make my last planned White Stripe X Lightning pair donation), two new Lightning Maroons have been added to the “for sale” inventory tonight!  These were fish I had in the holdback cubes; they are now considered fish that will be offered for sale.


Lightning Maroons #LM15 and #LM16

Newly added to the for-sale list – Lightning Maroon #15 (LM15)

Also now up for grabs, the newly released Lightning Maroon Clownfish #16 (LM16)


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