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2 AM Thanksgiving morning and I’m closing out the fishroom.  All but 2 of the babies from Spawn #15 are dead on the bottom of the 10 gallon tank.  No warning, only hours earlier everything was fine.  I moved the two still alive (one white stripe, one lightning) to an empty tank on the larviculture system.  Since there is no pathway in for pathogens, it could only be something related to water chemistry or the introduction of food; the ammonia alert badge remains showing that everything is just fine.  No rhyme or reason.  Hoping the other two a) make it and b) aren’t going to introduce some pathogen into the larviculture system (I really don’t think they are, but you never know).  Could be that something like Vibrio just cropped up and whacked the tank…no clue.

In the chaos of preparing for our club’s fundraising table at the TCMAS Frag Swap last night, I was going on 3 hours sleep, up until 3 AM bagging donated corals and such.  Somehow along the way I got it in my head that the Lightning Maroons were due to be pulled Saturday night.  So when I got back tonight and went to pull the tile, eggs.  Only now when I sat down to type this did I recheck my counts and realize that last night was the proper night to pull based on how they’ve been hatching recently.  Yup, totally botched it, but we raised a LOT of money for the club today with the help and contributions of all our members.  So not a total loss, but yeah…boneheaded move.
I should also update on Spawn #16, which is no more and has left me scratching my head.  Perhaps 30-50 fish made it through settlement, at which point I turned on the larval system at a slow drip to bring them online.  Apparently that was a bad move – the next morning all but two offspring were dead, and those died a short while later.  Meanwhile Spawn #15 is going strong.

Today (11-16-2013), Spawn #17 was laid.  Spawn #14 is clearly showing both forms again (roughly 50/50 split of White Stripe and Lightning Offspring) and Spawn #15 has just completed metamorphosis.

Back on track it would seem…Spawn #14 appears to have completed metamorphosis.  Despite good care, and seemingly good success, I can’t estimate more than 25-30 offspring.

Spawn #15 didn’t hatch as planned…only 2 babies the first night.  Small hatch the next night, and possibly more the following night.  Hard to tell how many larvae there are at this point, but they seem to be doing well so far. So potentially this was spread over 3 nights?  Sheesh!

The last news, today, 11/6/2013, the pair put down Spawn #16.

Hatch night for Spawn #15?


Per my last post, the start of the week saw the spawning of the 15th batch, although I wasn’t around to see it.  So I’m having to guess on the spawn date.  I *thought* about pulling the eggs on Saturday night; this would have been 6 days (144 hours) post spawn, had they been laid on Monday.

I looked hard at the eggs, and decided they just didn’t look “silvery” enough for me to pull them. So I wanted 24 hours, knowing that in the past delaying when I thought things might be ready had caused the loss of a batch. However, this time the wait paid off…there were still the same number of eggs tonight, Sunday.  So we are now either 144 housr, or 170 hours post spawn.  Eggs were pulled and cleaned with roughly 3ML H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) in a 1/2 gallon specimen container for 12+ minutes, and then into the BRT for hatching (the 10 gallon still has the near metamorphosis larvae from Spawn #14).  I saw one baby hatch IN the H2O2 dip, so it’s very possible that I gut-timed this one right.  Plenty of rotifers on hand, this could be a good run.

Spawn #14 and Spawn #15

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Was gone Monday and Tuesday…came back Tuesday night and discovered a BIG nest of Lighting Maroon Clownfish eggs…so we now have Spawn #15.  Was it laid on 10/28/2013, or 10/29/2013?  Not sure.

Spawn #14 is doing well, no shortage of rotifers this time, lots of silver bellies.  I’m going to estimate that we had a couple hundred hatch (it was a small nest) and I’m guessing there are maybe 50 larvae in the 10 gallon tank at this point in time.

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